Installed but never used, custom designed, heavy duty, trimmer system to trim timbers, cants, or ties. Includes: (1) 4 strand rooftop collecting deck inside mill to receive timbers from Maxi-Mill; (2) 6 strand decline chain from collecting chain with lugs to infeed roll conveyor; (3) Approx. 25′ infeed roll conveyor to saw; (4) Waste conveyor under saw; (5) Operator’s control station; (6) 75HP trim saw with housing with stops for log lengths; (7) Approx. 24′ outfeed roll conveyor with lift plates to slide timbers; (8) 10′ long x 4 strand accumulation deck; (9) hydraulic power supply; (10) legs to the ground. Overall lengths can be modified to accept a longer timber if needed. (For an additional cost, we will remove equipment and load your trucks). Price $60,000.00

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